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About the Edusson Prices Customer Support and Assistance 4 years ago was quite something else to review. The website looks and feels sort of different than your average writing service. It’s a company that claims professionalism along with progress, reaching out to new horizons in their search for improvement. So what can we say about it? Is it good? Is it bad? Here’s our result.

Writers and Quality of the Product

Each writing service has one sole purpose in mind: to provide you with essays written by professionals. In return, you will get that good grade you were dreaming about. It seems good… until people start looking for new and better things.

Edusson then thought: “What do other services lack that we could add?” The answer came in a few certain, smartly placed things. For one, when it comes to this website, we can see who’s writing our essays. In order to give us closure, they posted a picture of each specialist, along with the number of orders they received and the customer reviews that they got throughout the time.

Another thing that they claim is that they assign writers to match the community. For example, an Aussie writer will be matched with an Aussie student. We find this a bit odd; what if they don’t have any outstanding specialists originating from your country? They don’t grow them on trees, do they? We also found no testimonials or rating on any review places, so we can’t know for sure whether or not they are legit in their business.

Customer Support and Assistance

Due to the lack of reviews, we decided to ask the customer service staff about their services. They were kind of reluctant to give us any answers before we registered, which would involve leaving an e-mail. Plus, they would ask us on numerous occasions to buy a “test essay” of a short length to ‘try them out’ before we purchase their full services. Really, Edusson? Really? As for character, they seemed indifferent and off-hand. It looked as if their only purpose was to sell us their papers, with no desire of actually helping and guiding their customers. Now tell us you don’t find that wrong.

About the Prices

First things first, you can’t see the prices before registering or placing an order. Usually, we have a price chart to go on that generally gives us a good idea of how cheap or expensive they are. However, with, we only have “Prices from $7.50.” Needless to say, we don’t know what type of paper that applies to, nor do we have any ways of finding out. Neat, right? We also looked for some discounts, a promo code or some coupon codes, but as you might have already guessed, we found squat. Nada. Nothing. You either take it or you leave it. We can’t say if Edusson is scam or fraud, but one thing we know for certain: it is a gamble. We have nothing to go on, nothing that can provide us with a good idea. If you do decide to opt for them, you proceed at your own risk.